Giroud plays down Benzema rivalry.

Despite the rumours, World Cup winner Olivier Giroud, has denied having any bad blood with Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema.

Now 34, Olivier Giroud has scored his 42nd international goal in 100 games played. Giroud now suggests that his international career may have been even better had he played alongside Benzema.

Although being one of the worlds best strikers over the past decade, Karim Benzema has been five years without playing a single game for Le Bleus.

After being accused of blackmail in a scandal against international teammate Mathieu Valbuena, Benzema was excluded from the French national team. He filed legal action against the French FA as head coach, Didier Deschamps, has refused to reselect him since the incident.

Olivier Giroud’s 100 caps can be owed to Benzema’s absence. The two were reportedly at each other’s throats online when the 4-time UCL winner made comments on Giroud’s international selection.

Benzema called the Chelsea forward a go-kart compared to him being an F1 car. Levels.

Giroud insists there is no love lost between the two.

“I’ve always been blamed a little for the absence of Karim in the France team,” Giroud told TF1.

“There’s a supposed rivalry, which has been put together from nothing by some people.

Olivier Giroud maintains that he is not bothered by the comments.

It made me laugh knowing him, I’ve not go a grudge against him.”

“My career with Le Bleus might have been better by playing in conjunction with Karim Benzema, but we’ll never know.”

Karim Benzema has been unfairly treated by the French FA and missed many chances to excel his already illustrious career. It has not affected his performances for club.

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